1. Stacey, sculpture, 2014. 7” x 24” x 39”

2. Fred, sculpture, 2013.

I created Fred and Stacey out of crumpled newspaper, duct tape, plaster, and fake fur. Fred is an aye-aye, which is a Madagascarian lemur. Stacey is a deer with yellow feather wings. The idea of a yellow winged deer came to me during a meditation. I saw a deer, dying, sacrificed, its innocence taken advantage of. I related. I helped the deer to be reborn. The deer also reminds me a little of a friend I had on meth. I tried to help her get out of that life and she disappeared. I think now she's at a private rehab.

3. Moon Ra, sculpture, 2017.

I made a giant moth for my collage class at SFAI. She's a white luna moth. My friend named her Flora Pearl D'Arctic. Her other name is Moon Ra. She lives in bed with me because I find her soothing.

4. Deer Mosaic, mosaic, 2014

5. Fionnuala in a Box, bas relief, 2014