Wild Fawn Creative Classes

Welcome to Wild Imagination Classes -- online afterschool classes in creativity taught by artist and educator Caitlin Rose Moore. Caitlin is experienced as a tutor in the arts: literacy, creative writing, art and art history. She also tutors children in subjects such as identity, gender, social justice and community. She is a strong believer in racial justice and brings everyone to the table.

These classes let children stretch their imaginations through character-invention, visual art, science, creative writing, and play.

As the classes are taught online, children from all over the world are welcome!

Fall 2020

We offer 4 themed classes for children aged 7-12:

Art and Animals

Costume Party


Stuffed Animals

About Caitlin Rose Moore

I am an artist, writer, wild animal caretaker, and passionate educator.

I am an afterschool tutor in literacy. I also tutor children in studies like creative writing, community, identity, social justice, gender, art, and art history. I am a tutor for children from the 3rd grade up until the 9th. I believe children learn best in a multicultural setting. I studied education at Berkeley City College, specializing in helping children read. I love creating exciting lesson plans and engaging children in thought, play and action.

When it comes to art, I graduated in 2018 from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Painting. I also love drawing and soft sculpture -- subjects I teach -- from making fairy wings and stuffed creatures to self-portraits as alter egos and as animals.

I am a creative writer, having studied privately under New York Times Notable Book of the Year author, Cecile Pineda. I write stories for children and for everyone. I help children to craft stories and poems while learning about writing techniques and exploring the sounds of words.

I am a wild animal caretaker at the Marine Mammal Center raising harbor seals. I use this experience to teach children about natural history and explore our love of animals together.

I incorporate these loves into my teaching. I am excited to present to you my newest classes online. I have been teaching online since March 2020. I have experience using online learning to create a community where we can trust each other, explore our passions, be ourselves and grow.

Mission Statement

At Wild Imagination Classes, the most important thing is empowerment through play, whatever form that may take. It can be creating characters in acting and story writing -- the power of wearing an animal mask, showing your true self. It can be in art, creating things that sprout with life and energy. Then there is the beauty of words and expressive imagery. There is a power that comes with telling a part of your life and owning it while using your imagination and making up fanciful stories. We learn so much about each other through our different backgrounds, cultures, genders and even species. By understanding each other and characters and histories we can be active, thoughtful, socially just human beings at all ages. In this time of isolation in particular, we can learn from each other. Children can connect with other children all around the world while celebrating art and play. This is the purpose of Wild Imagination Classes.