Caitlin's Biography

My name is Caitlin Rose Moore. I am a recent graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute. I'm 33 years old, from Berkeley.

My art is based on human expression, sometimes smiling and twisted, other times pulling in towards a mystery. Sometimes my portraits are raw, entirely blue or brown. Then the color can saturate like a punchy rainbow. I am queer and I like to make art celebrating my queer heroes.

I have a strong and reassuring connection with animals, who are embodied in my art.

I practice shamanism which comes through in my art. My Alaska piece shows my spirit guide Sophia flying. I create art that seeps from my unconscious. I make images blossom and become something only the work of art knows. My art is the spring. I create sweet deer with yellow wings who are alive and full-on lemurs, with eyes which sparkle and long, creepy fingers. My aqua mosaic of a deer is swimming.

I use tons of materials – from marble to marshmallows to fluffy fake fur – to create things that sprout with life and energy. As shown by the deer with wings, I help dead and beaten down things be reborn as I care enough to give those things all my energy.

I do art for the dreamers in the world, who see the world like children do, purely and colorfully. My work leads you to a place of remembering. My art has always meant the universe to me. As a child, I would sprawl out on the oatmeal rug and paint fairies and queens and even maps of Brooklyn and the cast of Peter Pan at sea. I always come back to my art. It satisfies me to discover a line and mold newspaper and lay down tiles and stretch stockings onto wire hangers and make beautiful colors.

I want to make people’s lives more exciting and luscious by showing them what everything means to me. My art is faithful. My work and I grow together as I take on the world.